Eyedea Recognition

  • EyeFace SDK
  • Number plate reading - for both static and moving recording systems
  • Vehicle type recognition - car type and driver identification
  • Eye motions analysis - enabling the disabled to control a personal computer

What we offer?

Software routines for object detection and object recognition prepared according to customer specification and based on cutting edge research results.

Why to choose us?

Long-term research and development experience in computer vision applications.



16 Dec 2014 The new EyeFaceGUI v3.11.0.0 released (a demo application based on EyeFace SDK v3.11.0). Download the new version here.

12 Dec 2014 The new EyeFace-SDK v3.11.0 released. New polished C# wrapper and improvements to tracking&re-identification pipeline. Download the new version here.

10 Dec 2014 'Are You There', the art installation by Yvette Hamilton, based on EyeFace-SDK, has been awarded the 2015 Dominik Mersch Gallery Award, the major prize at the Sydney College of the Arts. Congratulations!

25 Nov 2014 The new product EyeDentity was released. More »

3 Nov 2014 The new version of EyeAnonymize-SDK was released. More »

19 Aug 2014 The new EyeFace-SDK v3.9.0 released. It contains the new 21 points facial landmark detector, java wrapper added. Download the new version here.