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Eyeface Logviewer

EyeFace Logviewer

EyeFace Logviewer example printscreen

EyeFace Logviewer example printscreen


The EyeFace Logviewer is web application for automated audience measurement. The application serves for storing and analyzing data sent from EyeFace GUI.

Main features:

  • simple user interface
  • platform independent
  • makes records consisting from following metrics:

    Dwell time:

    Time that the viewer stays in front of the camera during a given period of time. This metric includes all viewers even those who are not looking at the camera all the time, but just having glanced at it at least once.

    Attention time:

    The part of dwell time during which the viewer actually looked at the camera


    The audience is the number of people that have actually looked at the camera during a given period of time.


  • audience measurement
  • adaptive marketing
  • retail metrics


The EyeFace Logviewer is currently for free distributed as a war package(Web application ARchive) with documentation.


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