Eyedea Recognition s.r.o.

Eye Anonymize: Image data anonymization


EyeAnonymize software anonymizes images using cutting-edge detection and blurring technology developed by Eyedea Recognition. Software detects faces and car number plates in various scales and orientations and applies blurring filters to make the faces unidentifiable and the number plates unreadable.

Main features:

  • Cutting-edge face and number plate detection technology
  • Smooth and seamless blurring
  • Support for 360° panoramic images
  • Solution targeting all major platforms


  • Street-view like images anonymization

Product type:

  • EyeAnonymize-SDK: Software Development Kit containing functions for face and number plate detection and anonymization. The SDK package consists of a shared library and example projects.


Software is used by Seznam a.s. to anonymize panoramic street images for Panorama. Panorama is the Street View like service provided by Seznam a.s. in the Czech Republic.

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