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Eye Guard

EyeGuard - Independent Guardian of Your Photos

Are you protecting your clients from copyright infringement? Try EyeGuard, the independent and tested protection for your image database. We offer the most individually tailored product for image stock exchange services around the world.


"Why should I pay for pictures?" That is what many people think nowadays. They just go to Image Search and steal the first picture they see. What do your paying clients and your content providers think about that? Show them that you mean business. We give you the perfect tool to protect your images from copyright infringement and illegal use.

Based on your needs and preferences, we create a dedicated server that crawls the Web and searches for pictures which infringe on your copyright. Your image database could grow to over 10 million pictures and EyeGuard would still find your photos among the billions of pictures published online.

Using a powerful web-based interface, you can review the discovered matches in real time next to the original image from your database. EyeGuard can recognize your pictures even if they have been resized, edited, cropped or obscured.

Our company, Eyedea Recognition, is an independent IT company which is not owned by or linked to any stock exchange corporation. We offer you a tailored solution that is not tied to your potential competitors, thus avoiding any conflict of interest when it comes to your sensitive business data.


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