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  • EyeAnonymize SDK


Anonymizer software anonymizes images using cutting-edge detection and blurring technology developed by Eyedea Recognition. Software detects faces and car number plates in various scales and orientations and applies blurring filters to make the faces unidentifiable and the number plates unreadable. Avoid problems with GDPR when publishing photos.

Face Detection

Our fast algorithms will find all visible human faces in your images even in low resolution.

Licence Plate Detection

Our extremely accurate licence plate detector catch all 1-line and 2-line EU-type licence plates.

Smooth & Seamless blurring

Eyedea provides smooth and seamless anonymization for visually perfect result.

Our Anonymizer SDK is a standalone C/C++ library for Windows and Linux environments. The core functions of library anonymizes image files, JPEG buffers and RGB image buffers. Anonymizer is intended to be used for anonymizing of street-view photos, photos from webcams, user submitted photos or any other photos where you need to protect privacy.

Now Anonymizer GUI application for Windows is available for easy image anonymization. Easily configure anonymization parameters and get result preview for free. See downloads section.


Software is used by Seznam a.s. to anonymize spherical images for Panorama. Panorama is the street-view like service provided by Seznam a.s. in the Czech Republic.

Our Anonymizer SDK is a Software Development Kit featuring powerful functions for face and licence plate detection and smooth and seamless blurring. Programing interfaces is simple and fresh and programmers can easily include Anonymizer's functions into their solution.

Advantages of Anonymizer SDK

  • Fast – we optimize for speed. Our technologies meet the hardest requirements for anonymization of huge panorama images.
  • Accurate – our team keeps continually increasing the accuracy of detection algortihms on real-life data. We are open to cooperate with our clients to meet their requirements.
  • Scalable – developers can build robust and scalable solutions using our SDK package
  • Easy – the examples and console aplication for batch image processing are included in the SDK for comfortable and quick coding

Main features

  • Multiview Face Detection – even at low resolution and difficult lightning conditions
  • Licence Plate Detection - all EU & EU sized Licence plates. Special solutions (eg. US plates) on demand.
  • Support for spherical images - don't miss faces and plates at the edge of images
  • Smooth seamless anonymization - visually perfect solution

Face & Licence plate detection

Our team has been developing face and licence plate detection methods for over 10 years. Our detectors operates at extremely low resolution. For example less than 9 pixel distance between eyepeaces is needed for face detection.

Currently we are using detectors based on sequential classifications that allow for extremely fast data evaluation. We construct our sequential detectors using the automated learning method based on WaldBoost algorithm. This algorithm, on the basis of a wide series of images (millions positive examples, billions negative examples) finds the optimal decision rule, which maximises both the detection success and the speed of evaluation. Because of this unique process our detectors are extremely fast and precise.

Detection anonymization

Rule the anonymization! Our blurring technique is smooth and seamless and allow the user to control the level and amount of anonymization.

Potential applications

  • Street-view like images anonymization
  • Privacy protection on images from city webcams
  • Anonymization of data for annotation
  • Blurring of faces or licence plates on user submitted photos


Software routines for face a lp anonymization are supplied in the form of SDK comprising of a dynamic library (dll, so), simple examples in C/C++, console application for batch processing and documentation.

Product type

  • Product is supplied as Software Developement Kit consisting of shared library with anonymization functions, example projects and documentation.
  • Package also contains command line application for batch processing of images


Supported Platforms

  • Windows (7/10)
  • Linux (Ubuntu 16.04)
  • Others as per requirements

Anonymizer GUI

Anonymizer GUI is Windows application for easy anonymization of images.

  • Easy anonymization of big batches of images
  • Easy setting of anonymization parameters
  • Preview of anonymization with current settings
AnonymizerGUI printscreen

Anonymizer GUI can be downloaded from Downloads section.

Not satisfied with results for your scenario? Contact us so we can help you with right Anonymizer configuration for you.

A license key with a valid license is needed for each running instance of Anonymizer SDK functions.

We offer few types of license keys to use with our product. Price includes price of license key.

License keys:

  • USB dongle – Anonymizer SDK functions can be used on any computer with USB dongle connected.
  • Network USB dongle – Anonymizer SDK license can be shared by computers in the network or even by computers over internet with appropriate settings.

License prices:

  • Demo – Free trial version to see how Anonymizer works and to explore SDK API. Number of anonymized images is limited to 30. Supplied with software license, no need to have USB dongle. See section.
  • Basic (490€) Common solution for anonymization of small image databases. Number of anonymized images is limited to 100 000. Supplied with Network USB dongle.
  • Standard (1 999€) The most common solution for anonymization intermediate sized image databases. Number of anonymized images is limited to 1 000 000. Supplied with Network USB dongle.
  • Premium (4 999€) Solution for anonymization large sized image databases. Number of anonymized images is limited to 5 000 000. Supplied with Network USB dongle.
  • Unlimited (9 999€) Solution for processing of huge amounts of images. 1 year license with unlimited image count. Limited to 10 running instances. Supplied with Network USB dongle.

Anonymizer licenses can be purchased on our e-shop.

  • Q: How long does anonymization of images take?
  • A:
    Processing speeds on system with Intel® Core™ i5-4570T Processor (2.9GHz, 2 cores):
    resolution 1MPx 10MPx 50MPx
    faces & lps 0.6 s 6 s 28 s
    faces only 0.5 s 4 s 17 s
    lps only 0.3 s 1.2 s 12 s
    Processing speeds of images with different resolutions in megapixels are in the table. As you can see, time is linear with resolution of images (except for some overhead with reading and writing of files). Processing speed depends on configuration of detectors, for example in default configuration faces down to 24x24 pixels are detected. By increesing minimal size of detected face to 32x32 pixels, detecting of faces is two times faster.
    Consider processing only some regions of images if it is option for you. For example spherical street-view like photos usually contains more than 99% of faces in bottom half of image.

  • Q: Is Anonymizer using GPU for any calculations?
  • A: No, current version of Anonymizer is not using GPU, processing speed depends on CPU performance.

  • Q: What types of licence plates can be detected?
  • A: Detector of licence plates is designed to detect licence plates with EU size 520x110mm and 200x160mm and similar. Detector for license plates with same apperance but different aspect ratio can be configured. Detector of license plates with different apperance can be added on request.

  • Q: Do you have wrapper for C#, Java, ... ?
  • A: No, SDK currently contains only C/C++ API.

  • Q: Is USB dongle saving any sensitive information or sending them over internet?
  • A: No, USB dongles are not saving or sending any sensitive information, it only stores license information and decreases license counters. USB dongles are not sending anything over internet. Only network USB dongles can send only licensing information over internet if configured to do so.

  • Q: Is there GUI application to run anonymization and to see results?
  • A: Yes, we have Anonymizer-GUI application for Windows for easy anonymization of images. This application allows you to easily set anonymization parameters and generate previews for free. See downloads section.

  • Q: I am not satisfied with anonymization result on my data, is there anythink I can do?
  • A: You can try to change anonymization settings, for example lower thresholds and see if that helps. If problems persists, you can contact us and we will try to find right configuration for your scenario.

  • Q: Is Anonymizer working on rotated faces and licence plates?
  • A: In default configuration, Anonymizer is detecting rotated licence plates seen from angle. Faces rotated by more than 15° are not detected in default configuration because very few faces are rotated in real world scenarios and enabling detection of more rotated faces lead to higher number of false detections. But side views of faces are detected in range -90° to 90° as well as faces looking up or down in range -15° to 15°.

  • Q: How successfull are your detectors? How many faces remain undetected?
  • A: It depends on image quality (backlight, noise, sharpness, contrast, saturation) and resolution. It also depends on how many false detections are tolerable for you when lowering detection thresholds.

  • Q: What is price of Anonymizer SDK license?
  • A: For licensing options and prices see Licensing.