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Video Matching

Video Matching


The Video Matching is software for searching a short video in a longer one. The search process is divided into two steps. In the first step the input video sequence is converted to a fingerprint. In the second step the two fingerprints are compared. The output of the algorithm is a list with all detections of the shorter video in the longer video. Each detection is represented by a time position and a confidence.

Main features:

  • high detection accuracy
  • invariant to light changes
  • invariant to image deformations like scaling, black borders, compression artifacts, logo addition
  • extremely fast processing
  • low storage requirements
  • scalable performance and easy integration


  • copyright examination
  • video content detection
  • duplicate search in video database


The Video matching software is distributed as a SDK containing a dynamic-link library, a simple example, C# wrapper and documentation.


Software is used by Nielsen Admosphere, a.s. for a non-stop automatic detection of all advertisements in all TV broadcasting channels in Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

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