Eyedea Recognition s.r.o.

Eyedea supports social workers

Socially responsible targeting of our company

We want to donate a portion of our profits to non-commercial causes and support projects that we see as indispensable for the healthy society we want to live in.

We specifically want to support the workers of projects or organizations directly, because it is their functioning that matters - specifically their salary costs or the purchase of the equipment they work on.

At the same time, we want to raise social awareness of the importance of their work, which they do with the utmost professionalism but are often not sufficiently rewarded for. The services that they usually run much more cheaply than if they were provided by the state are indispensable to society, and we cannot imagine that they would not be available, whether it is hospice care, assistance for the homeless or mentally ill, or prevention programmes for social phenomena such as drug addiction.

Currently, we have chosen social service workers as the target of our support. These are mostly professionals with a college degree and several years of experience. We would like such experienced people not to leave their positions in the commercial sphere because they cannot financially support, for example, starting a family.

Our support in 2020

Since 2017, we have regularly supported Green doors, an organisation that focuses on helping people with mental illness.

Green doors

Eyedea against corruption

Since 2017, we have annually supported the anti-corruption initiative Reconstruction of the State. We want to live in a country where success is achieved in a pure manner.

Reconstruction of the State

Eyedea for independent media

In 2020, we supported the Foundation for Independent Journalism. We see independent media as one of the most important components of a democratic system.

Foundation for Independent Journalism

In previous years we have still supported:

Cesta domů Mobile Hospice.

Cesta domů