ANPR – Number Plate Reading


>99% high accuracy
<6ms fast
multiplatform Windows / Linux
multi-line plates included

Extremely accurate and fast license plate reading software that uses artificial intelligence methods specifically trained for this task. The software detects all license plates captured in an image, i.e. a photo or video file, and recognizes their content, including special characters and states of registration. It supports single-line and multi-line number plates, including ADR plates with dangerous goods codes. 

Each latest version of ANPR is always extended to support new types of licence plates newly introduced on the market. 

Advantages of this technology: 

  • accurate localization of number plate- detection function returns image coordinates of RZ corners 

  • prediction of the detected number plate property "unreadable" 

  • prediction of the property of the detected number plate "obscured" 

Typical applications: Toll systems, law enforcement, traffic safety and surveillance systems, police and governmental applications, traffic infrastructure planning systems, smart cities and others.

Latest improvements

  • The launch of a cloud service based on our MMR (car manufacturer and model recognition) and ANPR (license plate detection and reading) analytics, available at can now test the operation of our unique technologies online. The processing of the first 500 images is free for each user. 

  • Our latest ANPR now coverages for South American countries, namely Brazil, Uruguay, Paraguay and Argentina. In the near future, additional countries from the continent will be included. Our ANPR product for the US have also seen major advances. 

Feature Product type
SDK Embedded SDK REST API Server
  • License Plate Characters,
  • One-line or Multi-line plates,
  • Truck ADR plates,
  • Waste transport plate,
  • Country and Special characters
  • Camera View
  • Static / Mobile
  • Regions
  • Europe+, North America+, Australia, Africa*, Asia*
  • *selected countries
    Target Implementation Cameras & Computer connected cameras Customer Proprietary Applications Service on Demand at client site
    License type Time unlimited license with 12 months support (extendable)
    Supported Platforms
  • Windows (32 & 64 bit) / Unix (32 & 64 bit)
  • CPU (x_86, ARM) / GPU (only 64bit)
  • *other on request
    Accuracy > 99 %
    *in normal conditions
    *see Forensic ANPR, which is designed to analyse illegible number plates
    Online Demo Yes, available here
    *you can also request offline demo

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