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    Vehicle make and model recognition, number plate reading, distracted driver and unfastened seatbelt detection, passenger counting and more.

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    Face detection, facial attributes recognition (age, gender, emotion etc.), biometric identification from video taken in an uncontrolled environment.

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    Anonymize human faces and licence plates of cars in image data and make your data compatible with GDPR.

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    In addition to our main product line, we deliver customized image and video recognition solutions for tracking, matching and searching in customer applications.

    Generic Object Recognition and Tracking

    Find any target object in an image or video and track it.

    Video in Video Matching

    Search for a short video in a longer one and obtain time position and search confidence.

    Search by Image Example

    Search in millions of images by image example, regardless of its rotation and size.

    Eye Motion Analysis

    Track eye movement and determine where people are looking.


    06-11-2024| news

    Eyedea at the ROADPOL Operational Working Group

    Eyedea will present its innovative AI solutions at the ROADPOL Operational Working Group on June 12. Our presentation, entitled “Enhancing Traffic Security with AI Technology,” will demonstrate how artificial intelligence and machine learning can significantly improve road safety.

    ROADPOL is a network of European traffic police forces led by senior police officers, dedicated to reducing the number of deaths and serious injuries on European roads.

    05-30-2024| news

    Invitation to Eyedea’s Session at ISS World Europe Conference 2024

    Join our cofounders Vojtech Franc and Jiri Matas, researchers at Czech Technical University in Prague, for an expert session. Discover how our products benefit from advanced academic expertise in machine learning technology.

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    04-29-2024| news

    Four days at the Intertraffic

    Eyedea presented itself at the Intertaffic trade fair. It was 4 days filled with beneficial meetings. We are happy to present the latest features of our products and the new cloud service Take a look at a few photos.

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    04-10-2024| news

    Eyedea at the Intertraffic trade fair

    Just like two years ago, we are going to the Intertraffic trade fair in Amsterdam this year. Perhaps we will meet you there too? 16-19 April at RAI Amsterdam. 

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    04-09-2024| news

    Eyedea at Frontex Industry Days

    Eyedea will present its innovative solutions at the Frontex Industry Days event on 11 April. We will demonstrate to law enforcement authorities from Frontex, European Member States, Interpol and Europol how our Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Make and Model Recognition (MMR) technologies can enhance border management.

    01-18-2024| news

    News in products

    We present new improvements in our products for car make and model recognition (MMR), license plate reading (ANPR), and Forensic ANPR for the analysis of unreadable license plates. Details can be found on the product pages.

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    11-29-2023| news

    Presentation to the Land Border Expert Team

    Eyedea Recognition, a leading provider of AI-powered visual analysis technology showcased its Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and Make Model Recognition (MMR) capabilities to the Customs Eastern and South-Eastern Land Border Expert Team (CELBET).

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    11-23-2023| news

    New member of the Eyedea team

    Filip Kachnič has worked in the field of cyber security as a business manager for a long time. In his new role at Eyedea, he will focus on finding and expanding new opportunities for cooperation with our clients. In the past, he has been involved in digital forensics from both a corporate development and research perspective.

    11-09-2023| news

    Eyedea won a public contract

    Eyedea managed to win a public contract from the Regional Police Directorate of the Moravian-Silesian Region for software to read number plates and recognize car makes and models. We are glad that we can contribute to higher traffic safety.

    03-24-2023| news

    The best-rated Czech computer scientist is Prof. Jiří Matas

    The best-rated Czech computer scientist by is the founder of Eyedea Recognition Prof. Jiří Matas. CTU, with which we closely cooperate, is ranked 5th in the evaluation of European universities in the field of computer vision.


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