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Generic Object Recognition and Tracking

Surveillance and inspection domains

Find any target object in an image or video and track it. For example, find and track a faulty isolator in transmission system inspection with drones. Detect damage to a bridge structure from a drone. Detect and track a bike in a traffic video or find unattended luggage at the airport, find its owner, and track him back.


Detection, recognition and tracking in the wild (uncontrolled environment), tracking across different cameras and views, object size and rotation invariant.

Video in Video Matching

Media audience and monitoring, video database search, copyright examination

Search for a short video in a longer one. The input video sequence is converted to a fingerprint and is compared with a target video fingerprint. The output is a list with all detections of the shorter video in the longer one, represented by a time position and a confidence.


High detection accuracy. Fast processing. Invariant to light changes, image deformations like scaling, black borders, compression artefacts, logo addition. Low storage requirements.


Nielsen Admosphere, a.s., non-stop automatic detection of all advertisements in all TV broadcasting channels in the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

Search by Image Example

Media audience and monitoring, image database search, copyright examination

Search in millions of images by image example, regardless of its rotation and size. You can search not only for similar images, but also for picture in pictures or objects in larger images, such as clocks on towers, taken from different distances and angles. The output is a set of found images and search confidence.


Fast search, invariant to size and rotation, any picture in pictures search.

Eye Motion Analysis

Accessibility applications, marketing, traffic

Both eyes and their movement are tracked to determine where the person is looking. Typically used for checking driver’s or pilot's condition, marketing evaluations, accessibility applications for disabled people.


An ordinary camera is used, fast and accurate, running on standard hardware.


Used in applications enabling disabled people to control a personal computer.

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