Forensic ANPR – Reading the Unreadable


focused for forensics and crime investigation
optimized for low-quality data
versatile single picture or sequence
from 40 px minimum number plate width

The software is able to analyse illegible vehicle registration plates taken under very poor conditions such as motion blur, poor lighting, low data resolution, complicated angle of record or a combination of these factors. The program analyses one or more images of the target number plate and generates hypotheses of the plate content and, after cross-checking with the vehicle registry, offers the user variants of possible license plate strings sorted by relevance.

Typical applications: forensics and crime investigation

In new version:

– brand-new deep neural network for visual recognition of unreadable LP (application's own core

– added visual recognition of vehicle makes and models

– extended support for other video and photo formats

– improved user interface


  • User Guide
  • Product type Desktop application
  • Number plate characters and evaluates confidence per character.
  • Number plate country
  • Input
  • video sequences
  • photos
  • Regions Europe
    License type Time unlimited license with 12 months support (extendable)
    Supported Platforms
  • Windows 64 bit
  • *other on request
    Accuracy Evaluated per character
    *intended to be used in bad reading conditions, where evaluated confidence is output information for the user.
    Online Demo Not available, you can request offline demo

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