UIC wagon number reading


tuned Eyedea OCR
custom hardware adapted
no limit wagon type independen
coverage Europe
>99 % accuracy

Our system reads complete UIC wagon numbers, which are key data for railway operations. They enable a railway wagon or coach to be positively identified and form a common language in railway operation. It works from side view on moving wagons and it is wagon construction independent.

Typical applications: Railway operators, infrastructure companies and the state authorities.

Product type Desktop application
  • Number plate characters and evaluates confidence per character.
  • Number plate country
  • Input
  • video sequences
  • photos
  • Regions Europe
    License type Time unlimited license with 12 months support (extendable)
    Supported Platforms
  • Windows 64 bit
  • *other on request
    Accuracy Evaluated per character
    *intended to be used in bad reading conditions, where evaluated confidence is output information for the user.
    Online Demo Not available, you can request offline demo

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