Make and Model Recognition (MMR)


16 categories
301 makes
2436 models
6373 generations
13 TAGs
front + rear views
day + night light

Accuracy & Performance

99% category
98% make and model
95% generation & variation
4 ms GPU speed

Our AI based software analyses road user appearance and recognizes vehicle category, make, model, generation, variation, TAG and color. It processes front and rear images taken in both day and night light conditions.

Typical applications: toll systems, traffic safety and surveillance systems, law enforcement, entrance and parking systems, police and governmental applications, traffic infrastructure planning systems, smart cities and others.

TAG recognition

law enforcement
fire brigade
push bumper
rear mount
wood truck
animal transport
tank truck
mixer truck

What's new in version 2.22.0

The main new feature is the improved classification of soft mobility objects: pedestrian, cyclist, trolley, animal… The list of vehicle properties was also extended: tags for tank trucks, truck mixers and towed (transported) vehicles were introduced. Since version 2.21, you can also specify a reference position with the bounding box of the road user. This solution allows road users to be analysed even at very low resolution and under poor conditions when licence plates cannot be reliably detected. It also means that road users that do not have a licence plate at all can be classified. The advantage of this solution is that the MMR product can be used separately without the ANPR software. As always, the new version of MMR is expanded to include car models placed on the market between releases.

Feature Product type
SDK Embedded SDK REST API Server
Recognition Category + Make + Model + Generation + Variation + Color + Tags
Camera View Frontal + Rear
Regions Europe, Middle East, North America, Asia&Pacific, South Africa
Target Implementation Cameras & Computer connected cameras Customer Proprietary Applications Service on Demand at client site
Supported Platforms
  • Windows (Win32 & x64)
  • Unix (x86_64 & AArch64)
  • CPU / GPU
  • *other on request
  • Windows (Win32 & x64)
  • Unix (x86_64 & AArch64)
  • CPU / GPU
  • *other on request
  • Docker image
  • Ubuntu x86_64
  • CPU / GPU
  • *other on request
    License type Time unlimited license with 12 months support (extendable)
    Performance 4 ms per vehicle on GPU, 8 ms on CPU, see technical sheet for details
  • Category > 99 %
  • Make and model > 98 %
  • Generation and variation > 95 %
  • Color > 80 %
  • *in normal daylight conditions
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    *you can also request offline demo

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