AI for advanced vehicle make and model classification, number plate reading, including human unreadable plates, UIC train carriage numbers and even more.

MMR – Make and Model Recognition

AI for advanced vehicle classification. Includes recognition of vehicle category, make, model, generation, variation and colour from frontal and rear camera view.

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ANPR – Number Plate Reading

AI for number plate reading. Reads one-line or multiline plates, truck ADR plates, special characters and recognizes the country code.

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Vehicle Cabin Visual Inspection

Distracted driver recognition, fastened seatbelt detection, passenger counting. Visual inspection using standard traffic cameras.

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Forensic ANPR

Analyses low-quality visual data and reads licence plates unreadable for human eyes.

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UIC wagon number reading

Read UIC train carriage numbers, construction type independent.

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AI for face detection, facial attributes recognition (age, gender, emotion etc.) and biometric identification from video taken in an uncontrolled environment.

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Make human faces and vehicle license plates unidentifiable in image data. Compatible with GDPR.

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