Artificial Intelligence for Visual Recognition

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    Vehicle make and model recognition, number plate reading, distracted driver and unfastened seatbelt detection, passenger counting and more.

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    Face detection, facial attributes recognition (age, gender, emotion etc.), biometric identification from video taken in an uncontrolled environment.

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    Anonymize human faces and licence plates of cars in image data and make your data compatible with GDPR.

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    In addition to our main product line, we deliver customized image and video recognition solutions for tracking, matching and searching in customer applications.

    Generic Object Recognition and Tracking

    Find any target object in an image or video and track it.

    Video in Video Matching

    Search for a short video in a longer one and obtain time position and search confidence.

    Search by Image Example

    Search in millions of images by image example, regardless of its rotation and size.

    Eye Motion Analysis

    Track eye movement and determine where people are looking.


    03-24-2023| news

    The best-rated Czech computer scientist is Prof. Jiří Matas

    The best-rated Czech computer scientist by is the founder of Eyedea Recognition Prof. Jiří Matas. CTU, with which we closely cooperate, is ranked 5th in the evaluation of European universities in the field of computer vision.


    (We apologize, but the link leads to a page in Czech)

    12-21-2022| news

    Breaking changes in the new MMR 2.20.0

    The December release of MMR SDK 2.20.0 introduces a new feature that recognizes additional vehicle features called TAGs. Examples of recognized TAGs are ambulances, police or fire cars, pickups, caravans, vehicles carrying wood or vehicles carrying animals.

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    11-30-2022| news

    Eyedea at the EXPO SME Assembly 2022 conference

    We presented Eyedea at the EXPO SME Assembly 2022 conference organised by the Ministry of Industry and Trade in cooperation with the European Commission as part of the Czech EU Presidency, which was held on 29 November at the O2 Universum.

    08-11-2022| inmedia

    Czech cybercrime experts passed on their experience to Ukrainian colleagues

    We are really happy that our knowledge can help the Ukraine police to be more effective in cybercrime investigations. (We apologies, but the link lead to the Czech page - Ministry of the Interior)

    06-28-2022| news

    New version of MMR Released

    New version of MMR SDK released. Version 2.12.0 covers new car models of 2022 for EU, North American, Asian and Australian market.

    04-19-2022| inmedia

    Discussion about the use of face recognition in the war in Ukraine


    Martin Urban in discussion about face recognition technologies used in the war in Ukraine.

    In the 90’CT24 program

    (We apologies, but the link lead to Czech page.)

    01-28-2022| news

    Eyedea at Intertraffic trade fair

    We can meet you at the Intertraffic trade fair in Amsterdam at the end of March and the beginning of April. If you are interested in traffic product news, visions for the future or would like to greet us personally, do not hesitate to stop by our booth number 05.170 in hall 5.


    12-12-2021| news

    Leaders over-predicted the rise of autonomous cars, says AI expert

    Eyedea Recognition founder Prof. Jiří Matas on visions in AI, development of autonomous cars and solutions developed by Eyedea e.g. in detecting drug smuggling or reading illegible license plates…. On the server E15.

    (We apologies, but the link lead to Czech page.)

    11-09-2021| news

    MMR uses vehicle bounding-box instead of number plate bounding-box

    On our demo page, you can see and test our new version of MMR, which uses the vehicle’s bounding-box instead of number plate’s bounding-box to recognise the vehicle.

    06-24-2021| news

    New version of MMR

    New version of MMR SDK released. Version 2.10.0 covers new car models of 2021 for EU, North American, Asian and Australian market. Extended Technical Sheet was added for improved customer experience, accuracy was improved for night images and various bugfixes were deployed across supported platforms.

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